Chacho Valadez, Principal at Backstage Capital, on supporting diversity and humanizing investment in Venture Capital

Chacho Valadez via LinkedIn

Chacho Valadez is on a mission to fundamentally alter the status quo with a new generation of underrepresented and underestimated founders, who represent the future of innovation and impact.

Today, Chacho Valadez works as a…

Maria Salamanca, Partner at Unshackled Ventures & VP of Latinx VC, on backing immigrant founders and redefining Venture culture

Maria Salamanca, Courtesy of Unshackled VC

Maria Salamanca is a catalyst for change.

Using advocacy and investment as tools for change, Salamanca is transforming the Venture ecosystem with a powerful philosophy: Backing immigrant founders, at the earliest…

Mike Asem, Partner at M25 & Board Member of BLCK VC, on driving multilateral transformations to diversify Venture Capital

Mike Asem Via LinkedIn

Mike Asem is a changemaker, aiming to disrupt the status quo with the powerful presences and perspectives of diverse investors and founders who have long been underrepresented and overlooked in Venture…

Chrissa McFarlane, CEO of Patientory, on disruption, diversity, and making a difference for the better in healthcare and beyond

Chrissa McFarlane, Courtesy of Patientory

Chrissa McFarlane is on a mission to transform healthcare with an answer to her own core question: “Why, as a patient, do I not have access to my entire health data?”

Learning from our candid conversations with Sydney Sykes and Tadia James

Tadia James, Senior Associate at GingerBread Capital (pictured left) and Sydney Sykes, Former Analyst at New Enterprise Associates and Co-Founder of Blck VC (right).

This past Wednesday, Cornell Venture Capital hosted its annual Experiences of Womxn in Venture Capital event, in partnership with the Dyson Students of Color Coalition. The event was supported by the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program, Entrepreneurship at…

Ragini Balachandran

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